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Supply any colour coded sensor, no extra charge. VIP price for traders . parking




In Australia, our company is the only one that can supply sensor of any color according to customers' needs.Before placing orders, please make sure that your car's color code, and send 2 photo, a front face, and a back side, we'll help you confirm the color of the sensor head, some of the vehicles need to be installed on the bumper, the bumper color is black, not your body color.

1: we supply different colors of sensor without extra charge.

2. Please inform the color code of the vehicle and send two photos at the same time.

3: please inform us whether you need front or rear sensor, and the model.

4: our parking system is wireless, very simple to install, some friends like DIY, you can install it by yourself.

Please refer to the installation guide.

5: The Australian post office express arrives the next day and charges $15.00

6: 5 years warranty

Note: the online price is the retail price, if you can purchase 10 sets of complete parking system every month, you can enjoy the VIP price, please register your company information online, after approval, we will send you the VIP price.

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